As wonderful as breastfeeding is, there may be difficult moments.

Most new moms imagine breastfeeding with a kind of wide-eyed wonder. They’re certain it will be a magical, blanket-wrapped, adventure full of bonding, snuggling, and nourishment. As it turns out, all of that is true! It really is wonderful. But not every moment will be like this. 

Plugged ducts, mastitis, and yeast infections in the breast are three of the most common issues breastfeeding moms face. Knowing what to look for, how to prevent them, and when to seek treatment are critical skills every breastfeeding mom needs.

But don’t worry - I have you covered! 

We'll go through:

  • The causes of these three most common issues

  • Identifying and diagnosing early - before things get worse

  • Treatment options you can do at home

  • The steps you can take to prevent these issues

Without the right information and a supportive team around you, any one of these issues can derail your decision to breastfeed. The good news is that this doesn’t have to happen to you! 

Shari Criso


Having accurate information and positive support is the only way to make informed choices for yourself and your baby and I believe everyone deserves to have that. This course was made for you and is the result of 30 years of experience that I've gathered as a Labor and Delivery Nurse, a Certified Nurse-Midwife, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and a breastfeeding mom!